LBJ Makhedamas is a medical equipment and hygiene supplier based in Alexandra, Johannesburg.


We have built a solid track record as a premium 100% black owned and managed company, capable of excellent delivery on any contract irrespective of the size.


Our Mission


To be perfect in every area of hygiene and show prompt services to our suppliers. We are committed to world-class delivery, of the highest quality. Our business conduct and policy insures that we are inline with professional standards. We offer competitive prices always. Our commitment to excellence is based on our confidence and our ability to constantly improve  and develop our staff.


Our Services


Our services are comprehensive and cover all but are not limited to services mentioned below:


Medical Equipment


  • Mouth gag                                              - Prima pore
  • Diagnostics                                            - Masking tape
  • Uterine dilators                                       - Incubator filter
  • Sterilization rolls                                     - Gauze swab 2ply
  • IV  cannula jelco                                     - Hypodermic needle
  • Operating scissors                                  - Kidney 20cm RS 048
  • Surgical blades all sizes                          - Sterilize sheet green
  • Dissecting Sets RS - 031                        - Obese cuff large arm
  • Scalpel Handles RS - 011                       - Spray cap with screws
  • Tape zinc oxide 75m x 5m                      - Rhinology Instruments
  • Taylor Hammer - RS - 001                      - Spray cap with screws
  • Scalpel Handles RS - 011                       - Urine baby both sexes
  • Extension set tubing with clamp              - Bone reduction forceps
  • Non - woven mops caps green & white   - Gynecology Instruments
  • Kidney, liver and gall stone instruments
  • Spray pump cap with screw neck of different sizes
  • Central venous pressure sets...quote on both lumens




We take responsibility that all works done and goods supplied will be free from defects and are of quality. All works and good carry a 5 year guarantee from date of delivery, provided the guarantee shall be void and of no force and effect if:



  • The allegedly defective goods  have been interfered with or have been subjected to any form of abuse or accident.
  • Repairs to any alleged defective goods are affected or attempted by any person not authorised there to in writing by LBJ Makhedamas Pty (Ltd).